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Patterson Pope is a document scanning company that offers services to help businesses digitize their paper documents. By using optical character recognition software, they can transform paper documents into searchable digital files. This allows businesses to easily share documents across the company, securely store and access them, and ultimately save money and time by eliminating the need for physical storage space. Patterson Pope has a team of experts who can analyze a company's document management needs and create a customized scanning process to meet those needs. They also offer on-site scanning services and ongoing document scanning for incoming files. With their expertise in document scanning, Patterson Pope can help businesses streamline their operations and transition to digital workflows.

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Filesolve is a document management company that specializes in document scanning services. They offer solutions for businesses looking to digitize their paper documents and improve their efficiency and productivity. With their expertise in document scanning and workflow automation, Filesolve helps companies save time, reduce costs, and simplify processes by transforming paper documents into searchable digital files. Their services include expert analysis of a company's document management needs, on-site or off-site scanning options, and ongoing support for managing digital files. Filesolve is committed to providing high-quality document scanning solutions that meet the unique needs of each business they work with.