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Elizabeth Dane is a holistic medicine doctor who offers metabolic balance coaching based on the concept of Meta-Types. Drawing on both Western and Eastern medicine, Dr. Dane has identified six basic patterns of energy and personality that she calls Meta-Types. These Meta-Types are determined by the dominant action of either the parasympathetic nervous system (Yin energy) or the sympathetic nervous system (Yang energy) within a person's body.

The Meta-Types are as follows:

1. Accelerator: This Meta-Type is characterized by fast metabolism, a type-A personality, and dominance of the sympathetic nervous system. Accelerators benefit from faster-burning carbohydrates in their diet.

2. Synthesizer: This Meta-Type has a slow metabolism, a type-B personality, and dominance of the parasympathetic nervous system. Synthesizers require slower-burning proteins in their diet.

3. Balanced Accelerator: A combination of characteristics from both Accelerator and Synthesizer Meta-Types.

4. Balanced Synthesizer: Another combination of characteristics from both Accelerator and Synthesizer Meta-Types.

5. Mixed Accelerator: This Meta-Type exhibits mixed characteristics of both Accelerator and Balanced Accelerator.

6. Mixed Synthesizer: This Meta-Type exhibits mixed characteristics of both Synthesizer and Balanced Synthesizer.

Dr. Dane's Metabolic Balance Coaching Program helps individuals discover their unique Meta-Type and provides guidance on how to live in balance according to their specific energy patterns. By understanding their Meta-Type, individuals can make lifestyle choices that support their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

To determine your own Meta-Type, you can take the free online Meta-Type Profile questionnaire on Dr. Dane's website. Once you know your Meta-Type, you can learn how to harness your body's unique energy patterns to live a vibrant and healthy life in all areas – work, love, family, and more.