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Dr Bikhazi

4650 S. Harrison Blvd., Ogden, UT 84403
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At Dr. Bikhazi's Utah allergist clinic, they offer both blood and skin allergy testing to determine the cause of allergies. Allergy testing is an important step in effective allergy treatment, as it helps identify specific allergens that trigger allergic reactions in individuals.

Skin tests are commonly performed and include skin prick tests and patch tests. Skin prick tests involve scratching or scraping the suspected allergen onto the skin, usually on the forearm or back. If the person is allergic to any of the substances being tested, the skin around the prick will show swelling and itchiness. Patch testing is used to check for delayed allergic reactions and involves applying patches with suspected allergens to the skin for 48 hours.

Blood tests are performed in cases where skin conditions make it difficult to see results or when certain medications cannot be stopped during testing. Blood tests can also be helpful for identifying specific allergens causing allergic reactions.

Overall, both blood and skin allergy testing have their pros and cons, but they are valuable tools used by allergists to diagnose allergies accurately.