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Dan Hammer Health is a company with a mission to naturally eliminate heart disease through Nitric Oxide therapy. They offer a range of supplements from Synergy Worldwide that redefine personal wellness. Their flagship product, ProArgi-9+, is recognized by the medical community as the highest quality L-arginine supplement in the world. It has helped thousands of people improve their overall health and wellness.

The company's website provides resources and information on Nitric Oxide therapy, its benefits for cardiovascular health, and how it can optimize athletic performance and sexual health. They offer two ways for individuals to engage with them: as a Preferred Customer, where they share exclusive Nitric Oxide protocols to address specific concerns, or as a business builder joining their Exclusive Synergy Family to empower others with this information and product.

Dan Hammer Health is passionate about helping individuals understand and harness the power of Nitric Oxide therapy to achieve elite health and live life to the fullest.