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CFS Irrigation Supply is a locally owned agricultural business based in Auburn, NY. With a commitment to superior quality and results, they offer a wide range of products for irrigation needs. Their product line includes aluminum irrigation pipes, boom irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, hemp irrigation solutions, hose and pipe options, seed bed preparation equipment, sprinklers, water guns, water pumps, and water reels.

The company was founded by Stan Cuff, who has extensive experience in farming and a passion for making water management more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. CFS Irrigation Supply understands the complexity of irrigation systems and aims to provide quick and efficient products that are easy to maintain. They pride themselves on adaptability, offering solutions for all types of land, including irregular shaped fields.

If you're in need of agricultural irrigation supplies in Auburn or the surrounding areas, CFS Irrigation Supply is a reliable choice with a diverse range of products to meet your needs.