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Credit Rent Boost is a company that helps individuals boost their credit scores by reporting their rent payments to credit bureaus. They offer different options for rent reporting, including ongoing monthly reporting and reporting for the past 2 years. The service is available to all those named on the lease agreement, including spouses and roommates. Credit Rent Boost is a subsidiary of 950 Credit, Inc. and works directly with tenants and landlords to provide this valuable service. With no credit inquiry needed, individuals can see an improvement in their credit score in as little as two weeks.

The website features various products offered by Credit Rent Boost, including ongoing rent reporting, past rent reporting, and a combination of both. Each option comes with specific benefits such as discounts for roommates and average score increases. The website also includes testimonials from satisfied customers and highlights the company's accreditation with BBB. Overall, Credit Rent Boost provides an innovative solution for tenants looking to improve their credit scores through rent reporting.