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Shaarei Adirim is a unique Mesivta dedicated to building successful Bnei Torah in a warm, Torah-true atmosphere. The yeshiva offers a multi-faceted approach to learning that encourages students to surprise themselves with their successes and highlights their unique strengths. Shaarei Adirim's Rebbeim and staff lead by example, inspiring Talmidim to reach higher and thrive in the yeshiva environment. The institution focuses on empowering students for lifelong growth by nurturing self-confidence and life skills.

Founded in 2017 by Rabbi Mordechai Elbaum, Shaarei Adirim has grown to enroll numerous Talmidim across different communities, offering a full-day yeshiva schedule with individualized general studies programs. With a strong emphasis on holistic education that includes learning, Middos development, and Yiras Shamayim, Shaarei Adirim is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to help students overcome challenges and succeed in their academic and personal growth.