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Lasso is a company that specializes in premium athletic and sports performance compression socks. Their socks are designed with built-in ankle support using TrueCompression™ technology, which is patented by Lasso. The socks are suitable for various uses, including sports, training, medical purposes, pregnancy, and travel.

Lasso's BlowYourMind™ compression technology is proven to help improve movement, aid in faster recovery, and provide comfort for the feet. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, Lasso Socks play a crucial role in keeping active individuals healthy and active.

The company offers a range of sock types, including low tab socks, crew socks, knee-high socks, and grip socks. They also provide different kits and bundles for specific use cases such as improved circulation (15-25 mmHg), ankle support, foot and ankle medical issues, athletic performance, muscle recovery, and plantar fasciitis. Lasso also has its own line of apparel.

Lasso has been used by NFL players like Gareon Conley during their rehabilitation and recovery process. The company also offers health-related blog articles to help educate customers on optimizing their health and addressing common issues like shin splints and recovery myths.

Overall, Lasso is dedicated to providing high-quality compression socks that enhance athletic performance while offering support and comfort for the feet.