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The Law Office of Bernie McEvoy is a criminal defense law firm located in Nashville, Tennessee. With over 25 years of experience, attorney Bernie McEvoy provides aggressive and comprehensive defense representation to individuals accused of crimes in the state. He has handled criminal cases from both sides, as a former prosecutor and current defense lawyer, utilizing his knowledge of opposing strategies to help clients achieve fair outcomes.

The firm specializes in various types of cases, including drug crimes, DUI defense, domestic violence, and sex crimes. For drug crimes, they analyze the weaknesses in the prosecution's case and provide evidence to support the client's innocence. In DUI cases, they investigate the facts to develop an appropriate defense and challenge breathalyzer or chemical test results if protocols were not followed. The firm also represents individuals facing charges related to domestic violence and sex crimes and works towards safeguarding their right to fair legal proceedings.

Overall, the Law Office of Bernie McEvoy offers experienced and dedicated legal representation for those facing criminal charges in Nashville and surrounding areas of Davidson and Williamson Counties in Tennessee.