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Alpha One is a wholesale fertilizer supplier that offers premium organic fertilizer products. They specialize in creating pet-friendly and earth-friendly fertilizers that provide the best results for a thriving lawn and garden. Their products have the highest organic matter content of any fertilizer on the market and contain homogenous nutrient balance for plant-ready nutrients. Alpha One's fertilizers enable uniform leaf growth without the typical lush growth syndrome caused by commercial fertilizers. They do not use manures, sludge, or waste materials in their products.

The company offers a range of organic wholesale fertilizers that are safe for applicators, homeowners, kids, and pets. These fertilizers promote lawn regrowth from pet urine burns, deeper roots for drought tolerance and water savings, reduced disease potential, and natural slow-release nutrient availability lasting up to 12 weeks. With Alpha One's fertilizers, fewer applications are needed for extended release.

Customers have praised Alpha One's fertilizer products as the best they have used in their years as landscapers. The company has received recommendations and approval from satisfied users who appreciate the affordability, effectiveness, and Colorado-based origin of these products. Alpha One also has a blog section on their website that provides tips and tricks for using organic fertilizer for a healthy lawn and garden.

To purchase Alpha One's organic wholesale fertilizers, customers can visit partner stores like Bath Garden Center, Ace Hardware, Jax Goods, CPS Distributors, or Eaton Grove. The company can be contacted at 970-673-8995 or through their website's contact page.