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8475 W Elisa St, Boise, ID 83709
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AeroLEDs is a premier LED aviation lighting company based in Boise, ID. They are industry leaders in designing and manufacturing LED-based aerospace lighting solutions for various applications, including Experimental, Certified, Commercial, Rotorcraft, ARFF, UAV/UAS, Space, and Military. Their state-of-the-art LED aircraft lights are designed for performance, efficiency, and reliability, surpassing the performance and longevity of traditional lighting systems.

AeroLEDs offers a wide range of LED aircraft lights, including landing lights, taxi lights, recognition lights, wingtip lights, tail lights, beacon lights, ice lights, and accessories. Their products are designed to provide optimum illumination for enhanced safety during night flights and improved visibility during the day. They also offer FAA-certified lighting solutions for different aircraft models.

With a focus on innovation and engineering integrity, AeroLEDs partners with major aircraft manufacturers and serves customers worldwide. They have gained the trust and endorsement of industry leaders in aviation. AeroLEDs is committed to providing high-quality LED aviation lighting solutions that meet the needs of pilots across the globe.