Understanding the Value of Ongoing SEO Services for Your Business

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Understanding the Value of Ongoing SEO Services for Your Business

The importance of Digital Marketing cannot be overstated in today's era, and at the heart of it lies Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Digital marketing has successfully taken over traditional avenues like TV and print. It's the reason companies like Amazon are thriving while traditional retailers like Sears and Toys R Us have been left behind. The shift from print media to digital platforms like YouTube and Google is obvious. In this online-centric world, it is through digital marketing that business owners ensure that their brand reaches potential customers.

Is Monthly SEO Worth It?Let's take a look at Amazon: an online-only retailer without a single physical store, yet it ranks as the 7th largest retailer worldwide, even surpassing giants like Walmart in terms of market capitalization. This is only the beginning.

The crux of digital marketing revolves around search marketing, social media, display advertising, and email marketing. As per 2017 statistics, digital marketing budgets overtook TV advertising expenditure for the first time ever. Among these channels, search engines are paramount.

According to SEO.com, search engines generate approximately 200 billion searches every month. By 2019, it is estimated that over 236 million people in the USA will be using search engines. Around 66% of marketers consider increasing their organic online presence as their topmost priority. In fact, about 72% of individuals searching for local stores on mobile devices end up visiting them. Despite all this, social media contributes a mere 3% to website traffic on average. Therefore, search engines unequivocally drive most sales online and result in more website visits.

We have established two facts here: (1) Digital marketing is more crucial than TV and other traditional channels. (2) Search engines dominate digital marketing sales. Hence, search engine marketing, which comprises of sponsored search (PPC) and organic search (SEO), is crucial for any marketing strategy. Between the two, SEO provides better cost-effectiveness and ROI when done right.

When you contemplate "Is it worth investing in monthly SEO services?" consider what's at stake if search engines don't catalogue your business properly. This can greatly affect your business prospects. Search-based traffic is second only to referrals in terms of quality. When potential customers are looking for products/services similar to yours, search engines help them land on your website. Thus, investing in SEO is not just a smart decision, but also a common-sense marketing strategy due to the high potential sales ratio.

Why can't a one-time SEO effort be enough rather than an ongoing approach? SEO isn't a sprint; it's a marathon! Websites do not jump ranks overnight from #1000 to #1 on Google. Gaining trust from search engines takes time. Google itself has admitted to updating its algorithm over 500 times a year and evaluating over 200 "signals" to rank websites. As these parameters keep changing constantly, ongoing SEO becomes indispensable. While one company may stop their efforts after an initial SEO project, their competitors won't do the same. Therefore, opting for a one-off SEO project could put your business at risk in this cut-throat competitive scenario.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with subpar SEO companies that either exploit their clients or lack competency in delivering results effectively. While there's no problem with the theory of SEO itself, it's these incompetent service providers that raise questions on its practical application. Therefore, businesses should take their time while selecting an SEO agency and look carefully at their track record before making any decision. Don't be swayed by persuasive sales pitches. Instead, thoroughly evaluate their competence, integrity, and affordability to ensure you're investing your resources wisely.